Adhesive Materials & TDS

Appli-Tec offers a broad range of pre-mixed and frozen (PMF) and 2-part adhesive materials, which you can see listed in the chart below.

In addition to our own adhesive product line, we package materials by manufacturers such as 3M, Dow Corning and Henkel. Please view our Manufacturers List and then contact us at [email protected] if you need an adhesive material packaged.

If you don’t see an adhesive material suitable for your application and need one custom developed, please see our Custom Material Development page.

Over 95% of Appli-Tec’s adhesive products are solvent-free.

Use the filter tools below to help you choose a material by property or application type.

Product Two-part Kit Category Material Type Low Outgas E595 Viscosity (cps) Shore Hardness Lap Shear 2024T3 Clad FPL Etch (psi) Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm) Pot Life (hrs) Data sheets (PDF) Applications
5390PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 4.3 W/mKEpoxyYesPasteD/90/01,1307.1E+136.0TDS, SDSBonding
5200YesElectrically Conductive, 2.5 W/mKEpoxyYesPasteD/90/01,2002e-30.5TDS, SDSBonding
5302PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 1.85 W/mKEpoxyYes125,000D/97/02,5002.13E+164.0TDS, SDSBonding, Potting
5336YesInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 1.48 W/mKEpoxyYes39,500D/93/02,0403.5E+151.5TDS, SDSStaking, Potting, Encapsulation
0543YesInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 0.7 W/mKPolysulfideNoPasteA/55/0400>1.0E+122.0TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
0720YesInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 0.8 W/mKPolysulfideNoPasteA/70/0350>1.0E+122.0TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
0709PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 0.9 W/mKUrethaneNoPasteA/88/07501.0E+141.5TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
7300PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 2.5 W/mKUrethaneYesPasteD/45/05001.0E+134.0TDS, SDSBonding, Potting
7308PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 1.11 W/mKUrethaneYesPasteA/86/03001.0E+148.0TDS, SDSBonding, Staking, Potting, Encapsulation
7340PMF OnlyInsulative / High Thermal Conductivity, 1.0 W/mKUrethaneYesPasteD/45/01,3001.0E+151.5TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
0161PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyYes55,000D/88/03,5001.0E+151.0TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
0176YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyYes55,000D/70/03,5001.0E+151.25TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
5010YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyYes5,000D/85/02,5004.7E+167.0TDS, SDSBonding
5018YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyNo3,000D/88/03,0009.7E+143.0TDS, SDSBonding
5051YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyYes320D/83/03,3001.7E+164.0TDS, SDSBonding, Potting
5108YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityEpoxyYes5,000D/80/03,0007.0E+132.0TDS, SDSBonding, Potting
0148PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityPolysulfideNot TestedPasteA/51/0N/A>1.0E+122.0TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
0278PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYes9,500A/55/04001.0E+150.25TDS, SDSBonding
0308PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYes80,000A/60/01,0001.0E+150.25TDS, SDSBonding, Staking, Encapsulation
0316PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYesPasteA/70/08001.0E+150.25TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
7125YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYes2,850A/70/05004.0E+150.75TDS, SDSBonding, Potting, Encapsulation
7135YesInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYes10,000A/70/07001.4E+160.75TDS, SDSBonding, Potting, Encapsulation
7800PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYesPasteA/65/05001.0E+131.5TDS, SDSBonding, Staking
7810PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUrethaneYes6,400A/65/04002.0E+131.5TDS, SDSPotting, Encapsulation
6007PMF OnlyInsulative / Low Thermal ConductivityUV AcrylateYes1,300D/85/02,300>1.0E+1218.0TDS, SDSBonding
0798PMF OnlySupported Epoxy FilmEpoxyNot TestedN/AN/A5,000>1.0E+12120TDS, SDSBonding
0676N/ALow Density CastingEpoxyNot TestedN/AD/83/0N/A>1.0E+12N/ATDS, SDS
6207PMF OnlyLow Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionUV AcrylateYes35,000D/94/01,500>1.0E+1218.0TDS, SDSBonding
0121PMF OnlyElectrically ConductiveEpoxyNot Tested2,150D/80/01,5006.0E-448TDS, SDSBonding

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