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TUV-SUD header Appli-Tec Recertified

Appli-Tec has be re-certified for AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015.

September 2019 Newsletter Now Live

In this issue: tips on avoiding mix room contamination errors and a humorous adhesive story.

How to Write an Adhesive Specification

Use our interactive PDF worksheet and guide to help you create an adhesive specification.

expired-can Managing the Components in your Adhesive Mixing Room

Used in small quantities, minor components can have a disproportionate impact on an adhesive system’s performance.

thermally-conductive-adheives FAQ: Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Solve challenges with high-heat applications that thermal conductive pads can’t handle.

Calculating a Component’s Total Designed-In Cost

How a company’s product and hidden costs can soar due to mixing adhesives in-house.

adhesive-glass-beads Controlling Bond Line Thickness

Glass spheres-filled adhesives move the bond line process control from a manufacturing process to a “designed in” feature.

vacuum-degassing How Vacuum Degassing Can Contaminate Your Adhesive Mix

How vacuum degassing can introduce contaminants into your mix – often unknowingly.

adhesive-voids Why You Have Voids in Your Cured Adhesive

Mixing multi-part adhesives requires a great deal of stirring, a process that whips in a lot of air.

thermometer Why Temperature and Humidity Affect Your Mix

Temperature and humidity greatly affect viscosity, pot life, adhesive performance, and cured properties.

wooden-sticks Adhesive Mix Variables that Lead to Failure

Three of the more common variables of the mix process that can lead to potential failure.

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