Our Culture

The Production Planning team at its weekly meeting

The Production Planning team at its weekly meeting.

At Appli-Tec, we share one passion: Creating adhesive materials that go into products that help save people’s lives – from aircraft to medical devices.

We’ve built our reputation with organizations large and small because engineers trust our adhesives to be defect-free – every single time.

  • Appli-Tec: Trust Maintaining trust

    We’re honest and transparent with our customers and within our teams. If a team member sees a problem that needs addressing, he or she is bound by trust to speak up. To stay silent could have devastating consequences.

  • Appli-Tec: Ownership Ownership

    Appli-Tec team members take ownership of their jobs – versus being told what to do. They look for and implement continuous improvement in their jobs, their conduct, and their personal development.

  • Fresh eyes

    “Fresh eyes” is how we counteract “that’s the way it’s always been done.” It means we expect and value team members’ input when they can see a different way to perform a process that saves time – even if it means challenging the status quo.

Cindy Steiber

“When I began my job at Appli-Tec in 2005, I started in the Prep Room. I was also a single mom and wanted a stable job where I could be with my children on the weekends.

Over time, I was given the opportunity to work my way up – from the Lead of Prep & Shoot to where I am now, the Lead for Production Planning.

The culture here is one where people share their ideas and also work hard. But we also have fun and enjoy outings such as bowling and Christmas in July.”

— Cindy Steiber, Production Planning Lead