Our Culture

The Production Planning team at its weekly meeting.

The Production Planning team at its weekly meeting.

At Appli-Tec, we share one passion: Creating adhesive materials that go into products that help save people’s lives – from aircraft to medical devices.

We’ve built our reputation with organizations large and small because engineers trust our adhesives to be defect-free – every single time.

  • Appli-Tec: Trust Maintaining trust

    We’re honest and transparent with our customers and within our teams. If a team member sees a problem that needs addressing, he or she is bound by trust to speak up. To stay silent could have devastating consequences.

  • Appli-Tec: Ownership Ownership

    Appli-Tec team members take ownership of their jobs – versus being told what to do. They look for and implement continuous improvement in their jobs, their conduct, and their personal development.

  • Appli-Tec: Fresh eyes Fresh eyes

    “Fresh eyes” is how we counteract “that’s the way it’s always been done.” It means we expect and value team members’ input when they can see a different way to perform a process that saves time – even if it means challenging the status quo.

Renee Savat

“Before beginning my job with Appli-Tec in July 2018, I had recently experienced manufacturing as dark and dirty. With my first interview with Appli-Tec, I was very impressed with how clean and well-lit everything was – and with the company’s environmental consciousness.

Appli-Tec is a place where we each take responsibility for our own job; we’re not micro-managed. If there’s an issue, it’s addressed right away. I saw this commitment from my first interview. It’s a true team environment.”

— Renee Savat, Finance Lead