Appli-Tec Careers

The Appli-Tec team outside the company’s facility in Salem, NH.

Working at Appli-Tec means you help create products that go into larger systems that often save people’s lives — from aircraft and aircraft carriers to medical devices and components.

We’re a team based culture that works hard to ensure everyone has a voice. As an employee, you’re encouraged to share your ideas, as well as to speak up when you see an issue.

In this section, you’ll learn about what it’s like to work for us from some of our current employees (long-term and those recently hired) as well as our culture and values.

Jose Beltran

“When I first applied for a job at Appli-Tec in January 2019, I was already familiar with the company’s products because I had worked for another company that used them.

What I like about working here is that we, the employees, are valued. Each of us is appreciated and our ideas are appreciated as well. For example, you’re congratulated in public when you’ve done something successful. You’re also given opportunity to grow.

I’m very comfortable working here.”

— Jose Beltran, Potting Technician