Environmental, Health and Safety
Solar panels on the Appli-Tec building roof

Solar panels on the Appli-Tec building roof.

Being environmentally conscious in all of our processes is one of Appli-Tec’s strongest values. Whether it’s recycling plastic or adding motion detectors and timers to lights, we’re always looking for ways to reduce, recycle or reuse.


Appli-Tec has installed 342 solar panels, the output of which covers 33% of our electrical consumption each month. The panels have offset 100,000 pounds of CO2 to date. To further our reduction of greenhouse gasses, we’ve installed motion detectors and timers on our new LED lights.

Used cartridges

A few years ago, we added Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to our website to allow customers to download digital files, thus saving on hundreds of paper mailings each year.

Appli-Tec recycles all metal, plastic, paper and electronic device waste, including toner cartridges. We recycle used machine oil as well.

To help save on paper, we print on both sides; in the lunchroom, we use dishes rather than single-use plastics.


Appli-Tec follows all EPA and NH DES regulations regarding hazardous waste. We’re also licensed with the state of New Hampshire as a small quantity waste generator. See our Certifications.


Appli-Tec has been GHS compliant since 2015. All materials that leave our facility follow OSHA’s global labeling requirements for hazardous materials.

All employees are trained in the safe handling of materials and equipment and know how to respond in case of a spill or accident. All proper safety signage and eyewash stations are clearly visible and/or stocked. Appli-Tec has eight employees trained in first aid through the Red Cross – all part of our safety program.

All equipment is maintained and calibrated annually (as applicable). Appli-Tec self-audits the manufacturing facility every month and all safety concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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