Freezer Rental Program

Freezer Loaner Program

A 1-cubic foot ultra-low freezer – part of the Appli-Tec Freezer Rental Program

Try before you buy!

We know purchasing an ultra-low freezer to store your PMF adhesives may be a barrier, as you don’t know if the savings will outweigh the cost. It’s for this reason we created our Freezer Rental Program.

How the Freezer Rental Program works

Program: Appli-Tec will rent you a 1-cubic foot ultra-low freezer

Time period: Month-to-month lease

Easy delivery: We crate and ship or drop off if you’re local

Electrical: Plugs into any standard U.S. electrical outlet

Temperature: As low as -70°C

Consider the benefits of trialing an ultra-low freezer

✔️ Experience how pre-mixed frozen adhesives will improve your process, reduce risks associated with in-house mixing, and minimize waste.

✔️ Store Appli-Tec PMF adhesives at their proper temperature: -60°C to -80°C.

✔️ Determine ROI before purchasing your own freezer.

To learn more about the Appli-Tec Freezer Rental Program or to schedule your rental freezer, contact Nisrine Lebbos, Technical Sales Rep, at 603-685-0500 ext. 539, or complete our brief form.

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