Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative

Adhesives & Epoxies engineered for high-heat electronic applications

Photo of an Appli-Thane adhesive being used for bonding a heat sink that required thermal conductivity.

Electronics produce a lot of heat, and the smaller they are, the more heat they produce.

Appli-Tec’s high-performance, thermally conductive adhesives and epoxies serve two purposes:

  • Efficiently dissipate the very high heat generated by microelectronic components.
  • Deliver significantly higher shear strength — allowing for a more intimate and stronger contact between the two substrates being bonded.

Used in industries where performance is critical, including aerospace, defense, sensors, and devices, Appli-Tec’s  adhesives are ready to use for:

  • Manual and automatic dispensing
  • Staking & encapsulating electronics
  • Potting power supplies, transformers, coils
  • Advanced electronic assembly

All Appli-Tec adhesives come pre-tested, pre-mixed and pre-packaged in sizes ranging from 1cc – 30cc for hand dispense syringes to 3cc – 55cc for pneumatic dispensing.

Appli-Tec Thermally Conductive Adhesives

The materials listed can be modified to suit your application — e.g. adding spacer beads, changing color, more or less thixotropy, and altering cure rates.

5302 Epoxy — 1.85 W/mK

Designed specifically for potting circuit board connectors. With its 4-hour pot life, the material is ideal for automated dispensing and features controlled flow – making it easy to deposit. 5302 meets NASA’s outgassing requirements and has a wide range of curing options. The material bonds well with most substrates.

Key Features: Cured material can withstand high temperature environments and is resistant to fuel, lubricants, water, and weather. A pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen epoxy.

5316 Epoxy — 1.38 W/mK

A flowable and electrically isolating epoxy designed specifically for underfilling, staking, and encapsulating electronics on circuit boards, as well as potting and encapsulating power supplies, transformers, and coils. The material is ideal for applications requiring a room temperature cure, must be self-leveling, and have better than average thermal conductivity.

Key Features: The material cures at room temperature, is low viscosity, and has high thermal conductivity.

5308 Epoxy — 1.26 W/mK

An electrically isolating material, 5308 was designed specifically for underfilling, staking and encapsulating electronics on circuit boards, as well as potting and encapsulating power supplies, transformers, and coils. Featuring a 3-hour pot life, 5308 has good flowability, making it ideal for applications requiring a self-leveling material. The material meets NASA’s outgassing requirements, is resistant to solvents and chemicals, and is considered non-hazardous per D.O.T. regulations.

Key features: High Tg, low shrinkage, flowable, 3 hour pot life. A pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen epoxy.

Appli-Thane® 7308 Urethane — W/mK 1.11

The perfect choice for automated dispensing. A self-leveling injectable compound, Appli-Thane® 7308 maintains its dispensability for over 8 hours. The material can be cured during mass-reflow without disturbing the placement of components, thus eliminating several costly “component level” processing steps. It also eliminates the need for a separate cure cycle. The material meets NASA’s outgassing requirements and cures to a semi-flexible material with low modulus and a very low Tg.

Key features: Electrically insulative, semi-flexible, will not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermocycling. A red  re-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive paste.

Appli-Thane® 7340 Urethane — W/mK 1.00

Because epoxies are hard and high modulus after cure, many aerospace epoxy systems will fail when exposed to extreme thermal cycling and vibration environments. Designed as replacement material for these systems, Appli-Thane® 7340 is an easy-to-use polyurethane. It won’t harm, bend or break highly fragile substrates, such as glass and ceramic, when exposed to vibration and extreme thermal cycling. A thixotropic, thermally conductive compound, Appli-Thane® 7340 passes NASA’s outgassing requirements and is suitable for electronic bonding and staking and may be used as a fillet as well.

Key features: Thixotropic, electrically insulative; cures to a tough and flexible material with low modulus and very low Tg. A dark gray, pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

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