Materials Certification

Certificates of Conformance and Certificates of Analysis

Appli-tec provides a Certificate of Conformance, at no cost to you, for all products that ship from our facility.

Additionally, we can provide a Certificate of Analysis containing analytical data on particular lots of material at a cost that is 50% to 75% lower than our competitors. If you’d like a Certificate of Analysis, please let us know when you place your order.

Quality testing

All incoming materials are pre-qualified via FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) scan to confirm their chemical composition. Testing of finished goods typically includes verification of the material’s viscosity, lap shear strength, application rate, glass-transition temperature, and hardness to make certain the finished product will function as specified.

Visual inspections are also performed to ensure the product is air and contaminant free. Currently, we have the capability to perform more than 70 different tests on adhesive products.

We rely upon statistical process control, a data management system that employs statistical probability to set upper and lower control limits, to monitor the effectiveness of our processes and the reliability of our products. Even if you don’t provide specifications, we maintain our own stringent quality standards to ensure consistency from lot to lot.

Our ability to provide these services to you is based on our philosophy of delivering highest quality and full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

How to get started

Whether you need a quote or you have questions about material availability, we can help.

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