Appli-Thane® Aerospace Adhesives

Urethane-based; ideal for high-performance electronics staking & potting applications
Appli-Tec Aerospace Adhesives

Appli-Thane aerospace grade adhesives are precision mixed, degassed and frozen (Cryo-Pac®) and comply with Appli-Tec’s rigorous testing and traceability standards.

Delivering proven performance for mission-critical aerospace applications and high-performance electronics assemblies, all Appli-Thane adhesives listed are ASTM-E595 low outgassing and low modulus.

Developed with process/manufacturing engineers in mind, Appli-Thane® materials have greater than one-hour pot life. Many will cure at room temperature.

Due to their longer pot life and shorter cure times, Appli-Thane pre-mixed and frozen adhesives are ideal for high-performance electronics staking and potting applications.

All Appli-Tec adhesives come pre-tested, pre-mixed and pre-packaged in sizes ranging from 1cc – 30cc for hand dispense syringes to 3cc – 55cc for pneumatic dispensing.

Appli-Thane Aerospace Adhesives

Appli-Thane® 7125

Our lowest viscosity Appli-Thane product, 7125 is ideal for potting and encapsulation of advanced electronic assemblies. With a Shore A hardness of 70, the soft material provides resistance to vibration, as well as low shrinkage, for minimal stress on components during cure.

The material passes NASA’s outgassing requirements and provides strain relief for many bonding applications where high thermal conductivity isn’t required.

Key Features: Low viscosity, self-leveling, D.O.T. non-hazardous, transparent, and flexible. De-airs easily. Pre-mixed, degassed, tested, and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

Appli-Thane® 7300

Ideal for aerospace applications as it meets NASA’s outgassing requirements. The cured material’s ability to not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermal cycling is a major plus. Appli-Thane 7300 is also used in manufacturing and automated dispensing applications due to its 4-hour pot life. Provides best-in-class thermal conductivity for applications requiring aggressive heat dissipation of components.

Key features: Self-leveling, injectable; cures to a semi-flexible material with relatively low modulus and very low Tg. Pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

Appli-Thane® 7308

The perfect choice for automated dispensing. A self-leveling injectable compound, Appli-Thane 7308 maintains its dispensability for over 8 hours. The material can be cured during mass-reflow without disturbing the placement of components, thus eliminating several costly “component level” processing steps. It also eliminates the need for a separate cure cycle. The material meets NASA’s outgassing requirements and cures to a semi-flexible material with low modulus and a very low Tg.

Key features: Electrically insulative, semi-flexible, will not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermocycling. A red pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive paste.

Appli-Thane® 7340

Because epoxies are hard and high modulus after cure, many aerospace epoxy systems will fail when exposed to extreme thermal cycling and vibration environments. Designed as replacement material for these systems, Appli-Thane 7340 is an easy-to-use polyurethane. It won’t harm, bend or break highly fragile substrates, such as glass and ceramic, when exposed to vibration and extreme thermal cycling. A thixotropic, thermally conductive compound, Appli-Thane 7340 passes NASA’s outgassing requirements and is suitable for electro-optics bonding and staking and may be used as a fillet as well.

Key features: Thixotropic, electrically insulative; cures to a tough and flexible material with low modulus and very low Tg. Ideal for electro-optics applications. A dark gray, pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

Appli-Thane® 7800

This thixotropic, easily reworkable aerospace urethane is ideal for bonding and staking applications. The material features a room temperature cure while also meeting NASA’s low outgassing requirements. With low modulus and low Tg, Appli-Thane 7800 is a suitable substitute for many silicones in electronic applications. Choose from translucent or a blue color if visual inspection is needed.

Key features: Thixotropic, electrically insulative, flexible; features long pot life, short cure time and a long shelf life. A pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

Appli-Thane® 7810

The free-flowing version of our 7800 material, Appli-Thane 7810 is ideal for coating applications. Both 7810 and 7800 are often used together for “dam and fill”: use the higher viscosity 7800 to create the dam, then 7810 to fill in. Appli-Thane 7810 features good flow and wetting, is easily reworkable, and meets NASA’s low outgassing requirements.

Key features: Free flowing, electrically insulative, and low outgassing. A room temperature cure and long pot life. A pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

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