Speciality services that solve unique application challenges

Appli-Tec provides high volume adhesive dispensing for critical components.

In addition to developing precision mixed and frozen adhesives, Appli-Tec offers a number of specialty services that solve unique challenges for our clients. These include:

Custom material development

When existing solutions aren’t readily available, Appli-Tec can develop and specify new materials or modify existing formulations to meet the precise demands of your application. We can also source new products if your existing product has been discontinued.

High-volume dispensing for components

Protect critical electronic components or other small parts. With this service, we apply adhesive to high-volume parts with great precision and accuracy.

Contract packaging

We supply non-reacted adhesives in pre-portioned syringes, multi-component pouches and cartridges, and large-volume containers. In addition to our own adhesive product line, we package adhesives, greases, inks and sealants from sources designated by our customers.

Potting and Encapsulation

Protect your components from hostile environmental conditions, static, or water absorption with our turnkey potting and encapsulation services. All work done in-house and to your specifications.

Sensors, Machinable Thermoset Castings / Matching & Backing Layers

Whether you need blocks or wafers, we can create castings of any size using filled or unfilled materials.  Properties we test for include density, velocity, impedance and loss.  Machining capabilities include slicing, dicing and grinding to very tight tolerances.

Certificate of Analysis

The C of A or Test Report contains analytical data on particular lots of material at a cost that is 50% to 75% lower than our competitors. If you’d like a Certificate of Analysis, please let us know when you place your order.  Note that our standard Certificate of Compliance (C of C) is free of charge.

Freezer Loaner Program

If you’re considering adding Appli-Tec PMF adhesives to your process and would like a trial run of a cryogenic freezer — without having to outlay thousands of dollars upfront — Appli-Tec is happy to loan you a one cubic foot Revco freezer for 4 – 8 weeks.

How to get started

Whether you need a quote or you have questions about material availability, we can help.

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