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A full range of adhesive materials to suit your potting application
Potting Compounds - Appli-Tec

Appli-Tec offers high-performance potting compounds specifically designed for potting, staking, and encapsulating electronics, power supplies, coils, and transformers.

Our rigorously tested adhesive products solve the challenges associated with advanced potting and encapsulation applications including:

  • High thermal conductivity to dissipate heat
  • Electrical insulation
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures, weather, lubricants, water, etc.
  • Long work and/or pot life for robotic applications
  • Flowability for ease of application
  • Low outgassing to meet NASA requirements

All Appli-Tec potting compounds come pre-tested, pre-mixed and pre-packaged in sizes ranging from 1cc – 30cc for hand dispense syringes to 3cc – 55cc for pneumatic dispensing.

For a comparison discussion of material chemistries, see our FAQ, The Pros and Cons of Epoxies, Urethanes, and Silicon Adhesives.

Thermally conductive / Electrically insulative

By nature, epoxy and polyurethanes are electrically insulative; the degree varies based on the specific formulation. Volume resistivity for the materials listed is greater than 1×1014.

Each adhesive listed can be modified to suit your application:

  • More or less thixotropy
  • Cure rates
  • Color
  • Electrical conductivity

Appli-Thane® 7300 Urethane — 2.5 W/mK

Ideal for aerospace applications as it meets NASA’s outgassing requirements. The cured material’s ability to not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermal cycling is a major plus. Appli-Thane® 7300 is also used in manufacturing and automated dispensing applications due to its 4-hour pot life. Provides best-in-class thermal conductivity for applications requiring aggressive heat dissipation of components.

Key features: Self-leveling, injectable; cures to a semi-flexible material with relatively low modulus and very low Tg. Pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

5336 Epoxy — 1.48 W/mK

A black, electrically isolating, thermally conductive epoxy designed specifically for staking and encapsulating electronics on circuit boards as well as potting and encapsulating power supplies, transformers, and coils. This material is ideal for applications requiring a thermally conductive epoxy with resistance to solvents and chemicals. 5336 is supplied in frozen syringes.

Key features: Electrically isolating, 1.48 W/mK thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, and flowable.

5308 Epoxy — 1.26 W/mK

An electrically isolating material, 5308 was designed specifically for underfilling, staking and encapsulating electronics on circuit boards, as well as potting and encapsulating power supplies, transformers, and coils. Featuring a 3-hour pot life, 5308 has good flowability, making it ideal for applications requiring a self-leveling material. The material meets NASA’s outgassing requirements, is resistant to solvents and chemicals, and is considered non-hazardous per D.O.T. regulations.

Key features: High Tg, low shrinkage, flowable, and 3-hour pot life. 5308 has a 1.26 W/mK thermal conductivity. A pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen epoxy.

Appli-Thane 7125 Urethane — 0.2 W/mK

Our lowest viscosity urethane product, Appli-Thane 7125 is ideal for potting and encapsulation of advanced electronic assemblies. With a Shore A hardness of 70, the soft urethane material provides resistance to vibration, as well as low shrinkage, for minimal stress on components during cure.

The material passes NASA’s outgassing requirements and provides strain relief for many bonding applications where high thermal conductivity isn’t required.

Key features: Low viscosity urethane, self-leveling, D.O.T. non-hazardous, transparent, and flexible. Potted components de-air easily. Appli-Thane 7125 has low thermal conductivity. Pre-mixed, degassed, tested, and frozen polyurethane adhesive.

5051 Epoxy

An optically clear, low viscosity, electrically isolating epoxy compound, 5051 bonds well to most substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics, and most plastics. The material is free-flowing, making it ideal for potting and underfill applications.

Key features: Wicks easily into tight spaces, 8-hour work life. Available in pre-mixed and degassed frozen syringes or 2-part kits.

5108 Epoxy

A one-part, black, electrically isolating epoxy compound specifically designed for potting and sealing electronic components. 5108 is a self-leveling material that exhibits low shrinkage once cured and can withstand high temperatures and high humidity or wet environments. This material is also environmentally friendly and considered non‐hazardous per D.O.T. regulations.

Key features: Resistant to high temperatures, adheres to dissimilar materials, and self-leveling. 5108 is a pre-mixed, degassed, tested and frozen epoxy.

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