Custom Material Development

Appli-Tec solves your challenging adhesive applications

No matter your application criteria, Appli-Tec can develop a formulation to suit your needs.

When solutions aren’t readily available, Appli-Tec can develop and specify new materials, or modify a formulation, to meet the precise demands of your new or existing application.

Custom formulations can conform to structural, thermal, electrical, rheological and acoustical specifications.

Our product line includes UV-curable and multi-component epoxies, acrylates, polyurethanes, polysulfides and silicones.

Examples of typical customizations include:

  • Addition of fumed silica (CAB-O-SIL) for better thixotropic properties
  • Increasing or decreasing density as well as enhancement of  thermal and electrical properties
  • Adjustments of pot-life and/or cure time and cure temperature
  • Addition of UV tracer
  • Color modifications

Relying upon extensive academic and industry experience in material and process development, Appli-Tec satisfies the highest standards for excellence in design, development and service.

We strive to exceed the most demanding requirements of aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.

How to get started

Whether you need a quote or you have questions about material availability, we can help.

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