Matching and Backing Layers

Thermoset blocks and wafers manufactured in-house

Appli-Tec created both the large block casting and the wafers used for ultrasound matching and backing layers.

Appli-Tec has been manufacturing materials for the acoustic transducer industry for over 20 years.

Our expertise with diverse materials ensures your end products are manufactured under precise controls. Each mix is compounded and dispersed uniformly, then tested acoustically, before it enters your manufacturing process.

We cast thermoset materials into blocks or wafers, with densities ranging from 0.6 g/cc to 14 g/cc, test acoustically for velocity, impedance, loss, and density, then machine or grind to very precise dimensional tolerances (+/- 2 microns). B-stage films can be applied if needed.

Typically, thermoset wafers are used in ultrasound applications as matching and backing layers. We provide lens, matching layer, and backing materials.

  • Custom Formulations

    • New material development
    • Modify existing formulations to meet acoustical specifications
    • Wide range of fillers: Alumina, Tungsten, Boron nitride, Fumed silica, etc.
  • Material Testing

    • Glass-transition temperature and heat of reaction
    • Viscosity
    • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
    • Lap shear, Shore hardness
    • Precision thickness measurement
    • Electrical property testing
    • Hegman gauge (grind)
  • appli-tec-wafer-slices Precision Machining

    • In-house machine shop
    • ID slicing
    • Grinding, dicing, milling services (+/- 2 microns)

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