0316 Urethane Adhesive

Thixotropic consistency keeps material from sagging once applied

0316 is an opaque amber, one-component, precision mixed, degassed, and frozen, electrically isolating, Space Flight Grade, precision mixed and frozen general purpose urethane adhesive. It features a very thixotropic consistency which keeps this material from sagging once applied. This material can be cured at either room or elevated temperatures. 0316 bonds well to most substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics and meets NASA outgassing requirements with a TML of 0.61% and a CVCM of <0.01%. The material meets NASA's outgassing requirements.


Work Life @ 25°C30 minutes
Pot Life @ 25°C15 minutes
Viscosity @ 25°CPaste
Shelf Life3 weeks @ -40°C 3 months @ -60°C 24 months @ -75°C

Cure Options

8 hours @ 93°C 7 days @ 25°C 24 hours @ 23°C + 16 hours @ 65°C

Cured Properties

Based on cure of 8 hours @ 93°C

ColorOpaque Amber
Shore A Hardness70
Glass Transition Temp (°C)-70
Density (g/cc)0.97

Electrical Properties

Based on cure of 24 hours @ 23°C + 16 hours @ 65°C

Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)5.1E 14 @ 500 VDC

Thermal Properties

Based on cure of 24 hours @ 23°C + 16 hours @ 65°C

CTE above Tg (ppm/°C)188
CTE below Tg (ppm/°C)Not Determined
Glass Transition Temp (°C)-76
Operating Temp. Range (°C)-100 to 130

Outgassing Properties

Based on cure of 24 hours @ 23°C + 16 hours @ 65°C

TML (%)0.61
CVCM (%)<0.01
WVR (%)0.06

Outgassing Properties

Based on cure of 7 days @ 25°C

TML (%)0.74
CVCM (%)<0.01
WVR (%)0.08

Acoustic Properties

Velocity (m/s)1,622
Impedance (MRayls)1.578
Loss (dB/cm-MHz)-6.7
Density (g/cc)0.97

Key Features

  • Bonds Well to Most Substrates
  • Electrically Isolating
  • Very Thixotropic
  • Room or Elevated Temperature Cure
  • Space Flight Grade
  • User-friendly Packaging
  • Meets NASA Outgassing Requirements

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