Introducing 1.0 W/mK 5340 Two-Part Thermally Conductive Epoxy in 1:1 Cartridges

by on March 26, 2024

Appli-Tec-5340 Epoxy

Designed for potting and bonding applications, Appli-Tec’s 5340 Epoxy delivers high lap-shear strength and good thermal conductivity. The material is conveniently packaged in 1:1 dual cartridges – simply attach the mix nozzle for perfect mixing.

With its high lap-shear strength, 5340 Epoxy offers excellent adhesion, an important consideration for potting and bonding applications where keeping out moisture – and preventing potential delamination – is critical.

5340 Epoxy is electrically isolating, features good dielectric properties, and 1.0 W/mK thermal conductivity. The material is RoHS Compliant and meets NASA’s outgas requirements for high reliability electronics and aerospace applications.

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