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Manufacturer Reduces Board Failure Rate to 0.2%

After repeated attempts to solve exposed circuit board failure rate of 20%, a manufacturer turned to Appli-Tec for help.

Appli-Tec Fabricates Sensor that Integrates Adhesive

Appli-Tec fabricated a sensor that integrated six parts plus an adhesive Appli-Tec mixed in-house. Sensors arrived at the factory, ready for installation.

Appli-Tec Creates Reusable Molds

Appli-Tec helps a company create resuable molds by mixing, dispensing and curing a silicone material to conform to an intricate metal mold.

appli-tec-urethane-adhesive Medical Device Company Turns to PMF Adhesives

A medical device manufacturer eliminated in-house mixing by purchasing PMF adhesives from Appli-Tec.

Contractor Eliminates Meter Mix Machine

A process engineer called on Appli-Tec to help the company reduce labor and adhesive mixing costs.

Appli-Tec Custom Material Development Contractor Replaces Discontinued Raw Material

An aerospace contractor called on Appli-Tec to help source a new raw aerospace adhesives material and then create a formulation to meet existing specifications.

Manufacturer Saves Costs; Eliminates In-House Mixing

Replacing the mixing machine was quite costly, so a manufacturer turned to PMF adhesives from Appli-Tec.

Appli-Tec PMF Adhesives Working with Appli-Tec

Frequently asked questions about working with Appli-Tec and how to place an order.

Shipping Indicator Tube

How to read the Appli-Tec Shipping Indicator Tube that arrives with every shipment of our PMF adhesives.

appli-tec-frozen-aerospace-adhesives Thawing, Storage, and Handling of PMF Adhesives

How to safely handle, store and thaw your Appli-Tec pre-mixed adhesives.

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