Shipping Indicator Tube

by on August 2, 2020

Shipping indicator tubes

How to read the Appli-Tec Shipping Indicator Tube

To ensure your PMF adhesives have not been subjected to temperatures above -40° while in transit, Appli-Tec includes an Indicator Tube in all shipments.

If your frozen material reaches a temperature above -40° C, the green Indicator Tube will melt. You will either see an empty tube or green liquid leached into the clear envelope.

IMPORTANT: If your shipment arrives with a melted indicator tube, call Appli-Tec immediately at 603-685-0500.

How to read the Indicator Tube

Green Tube

The contents of the box have never been warmer than -40° C.

Indicator tube - green tube

Green Liquid in Pouch

The contents of the box are now warmer than -40° C.

Indicator tube - green liquid in pouch

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