Appli-Thane® 7300: First Adhesive Material to Deliver Best-in-Class Thermal Conductivity

by on February 8, 2021
Appli-Thane 7300

Appli-Tec’s Appli-Thane 7300 is the company’s most requested adhesive material.

This year marks Appli-Tec’s 38th year in business. We’ve seen many changes over the years. We moved our plant from warehouse space to a specially designed adhesive manufacturing facility, and in the process, significantly updated our infrastructure to ensure everything we do results in defect-free adhesives.

We’ve also invested in innovation and product development.

The Appli-Thane product line is an example of a successful product development project.

Appli-Thane 7300 was introduced March 19, 2012, and has become the most requested product we offer today.

Developed to solve engineers’ heat dissipation challenge

Prior to Appli-Thane 7300’s introduction, engineers had limited options with regard to highly thermally conductive adhesives for aerospace applications.

To increase the thermal conductivity of an adhesive material, fillers are added. The greater the filler load, the higher the viscosity, making the material thick and difficult to work with. Finding a material that combined high thermal conductivity and good handling properties was difficult.

Finding a combination of room temperature cure to avoid damaging sensitive components and long work life to make application easier was also difficult.

With respect to mixing, a two-part high thermally conductive material can be difficult to process and package without the proper equipment and training.

Appli-Thane 7300 solved all these problems and more

Appli-Thane 7300 is not only flowable and self-leveling, it delivers best-in-class thermal conductivity for applications requiring aggressive heat dissipation.

With its four-hour pot life, 7300 is ideal for potting and encapsulation of electrical components using automated equipment. The material will cure in 2 hours at 96°C or at room temperature over several weeks.

The convenient premixed and frozen packaging allows for ease-of-use and peace of mind. The product is shipped fully tested so users always have confidence that they’re applying known-good material to their parts.

The material meets NASA’s low outgassing requirements and features three cure options. Because it’s a urethane, it will not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermal cycling. It also features hydrolytic stability and solvent resistance.

Used in a wide range of applications

Today, Appli-Thane 7300 is requested by engineers for use in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Thermal management on a chip level sensor
  • Heat dissipation for a pipe assembly in a satellite
  • Protecting delicate electronics in a highly electrically energized component related to an undersea sonar system

We continue to receive positive feedback from engineers on how 7300 helps them solve application challenges.

“We’re currently using Appli-Thane 7300 to encapsulate our critical-use transformers. We had been using thermal epoxy adhesive from another company, but we experienced cracks in the cured material. The Appli-Thane 7300 urethane is flexible enough to allow expansion when the core is electrically energized. We’re currently in production and the urethane has withstood our high temperature requirements.”
– Principal Mechanical Engineer, Defense Industry Company

Appli-Thane 7300 is one of six urethane-based adhesives in the Appli-Thane product line. All Appli-Thane products are ASTM-E595 low outgassing and low modulus. They come pre-tested, pre-mixed, and pre-packaged in sizes ranging from 1cc – 30cc for hand dispense syringes to 3cc – 55cc for pneumatic dispensing.

The CEO of Appli-Tec, Tim has over 30 years of experience in the pre-mixed and frozen (PMF) adhesives industry.

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