Company History

Tim Walsh, CEO of Appli-Tec

Tim Walsh, CEO of Appli-Tec

Tom Walsh founded Appli-Tec in 1983. Prior to starting the company, Walsh was a product development chemist in the Silicone Products Dept. of General Electric and then a product and sales manager at Chomerics.

In addition to the 22 years of experience in the chemical adhesives industry, Walsh brought to Appli-Tec a well-developed quality management philosophy and system. His commitment to high-precision adhesive processing and packaging methods ensured uniformity and consistent performance.

When Walsh retired in 1999, his son, Timothy Walsh, embraced his vision of “on time, every time” and “100% defect free” and further refined the company’s manufacturing and processing methodology.

In Sept. 2006, Appli-Tec moved to a new manufacturing facility in Salem, New Hampshire. The 20,000-square-foot building increased production areas by 50 percent. With a view toward controlled expansion, Appli-Tec is continuously upgrading infrastructure with state-of-the-art production and testing equipment.

Relying upon 60 years of combined experience in material and process development, we’re proud that we deliver the highest standards for excellence in design, development and service. We’re also proud that our customers continue to rely on us to provide consistent adhesives year after year.

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