Starting an RFQ

What we need from you

Engineers: All Appli-Tec precision mixed and frozen adhesives are developed specifically for your application. In order to determine the right material and formulation for you, we require the following information prior to providing a price quote.

Once you have gathered the necessary information please complete our brief RFQ form.

What is your application – e.g. bonding, staking, encapsulation or potting?

  • If this is a staking or bonding application, what materials are being bonded together?
  • If it’s an encapsulation/potting application, what is being sealed?
  • What challenge are you trying to solve?

Which material properties are required?

  • Lap Shear (bond strength)
  • Electrical or thermal conductivity or insulation
  • Working pot life
  • Cure temperature
  • CTE
  • Reworkability
  • Color
  • Other

What challenge are you trying to solve?

  • Does the material need to be free flowing, a little thixotropic or stay where you put it (very thixotropic)?
  • What is the preferred or ideal cure (ambient, elevated temperature or UV)?
  • If heat curing is preferred, what is the maximum temperature at which you can cure with this application?
  • How much material do you need to dispense per application?
  • Does the material need to meet specification? Can you provide technical data sheets or MSDS of the material you’re using?

New Orders

All first time orders require a credit card. The minimum purchase is 25 pieces. Any order under $500 will include an additional $100 fee if we need to ship the item under dry ice.

To open a N30 account with Appli-Tec, please complete our credit application and include three credit references.

Lead Times

For current customers with recurring orders, lead time is 10 working days or less.

For new customers, lead times can be up to 3 weeks depending on material availability.

Placing Orders

Purchasing Agents and Buyers, please be sure you have obtained the following information from your Engineer before placing your order:

  • Number of syringes
  • Syringe size
  • Manual or pneumatic
  • Material formulation or name
  • Estimated annual usage (number of syringes per month or year)
  • Storage temperature you have on site
  • Certificate of Analysis (Yes/No – C of A is an additional cost)
  • Any associated specifications (e.g. Mil-Spec or internal spec)
  • Ship date
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address

How to get started

Whether you need a quote or you have questions about material availability, we can help.

Appli-Tec Customer Support