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Gary Ainsworth

Gary Ainsworth is a consultant to businesses.

Adhesives and Surface Preparation as Part of Your Design
October 29, 2019

Surface preparation methods and processes for getting the most from your adhesive application.

expired-can Managing the Components in your Adhesive Mixing Room
April 25, 2019

Used in small quantities, minor components can have a disproportionate impact on an adhesive system’s performance.

adhesive-viscosity-appli-tec Don’t Change Your Legacy Adhesive. Modify It!
November 3, 2017

Why thixotropy is your friend!

Calculating a Component’s Total Designed-In Cost
September 12, 2017

How a company’s product and hidden costs can soar due to mixing adhesives in-house.

achieve-uniform-bond-line-appli-tec Controlling Bond Line Thickness
September 7, 2017

To control bond line thickness, get your adhesive premixed and frozen with glass spacer beads added for even disbursement.