PMF Adhesives

Cryo-Pac® - Precision Mixed and Frozen (PMF) Adhesives


Meticulously processed to exact specifications, Appli-Tec’s PMF adhesives guarantee consistent results. Rigorous testing ensures every batch of material performs the same.

Appli-Tec specializes in the production of PMF multi-component materials including epoxy, silicone, polyurethane and polysulfide.

No other adhesive supplier matches our expertise and attention to detail.

Need a frozen urethane-based space grade adhesive? Check out Appli-Thane®.

Why you should consider Appli-Tec’s PMF adhesives

  • appli-tec-precision-mixed-adhesive Our mixing process

    Our state of the art, highly refined, well documented process will assure the highest quality.
    * Highly trained technicians
    * State of the art mixing equipment
    * Vacuum degassing
    * Nitrogen purging
    * Cryogenic freezing

  • appli-tec-performance-adhesives Your need for performance

    * Thermally conductive
    * Electrically conductive
    * Tough, non brittle or flexible
    * High strength
    * Low outgassing
    * Environmental protection
    * Free flowing - wicking

  • graph-themoset-epoxy-glass Repeatable results

    * FTIR validation of every chemical
    * Confirming material properties
    * Glass transition temperature
    * Lap shear strength
    * Shore hardness
    * Viscosity and/or application rate
    * Particle size

  • appli-tec-adhesive-syringe Custom packaging

    * Packaged for your application
    * 1cc to 20oz cartridges
    * Pneumatic or manual dispense
    * 2D barcoding
    * Color coding available
    * GHS compliant labels
    Appli-Tec will custom package PMF adhesives to suit your application.

  • appli-tec-frozen-adhesives Maximum shelf life

    * Nitrogen purged processing
    * Less than -40° flash freezing
    * Extends storage life
    * Eliminates settling
    * Packaged in vapor barrier bags
    * Environmentally protected

  • appli-tec-adhesive-indicator-tube Worldwide delivery

    * Indicator tubes confirms your shipment
    * Dry ice filled for up to 120 hrs. of transit
    * Emergency expedites are available
    * Current SDS included with shipment
    * Vapor barrier bags protects the adhesive

How to get started

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