Appli-Thane 7300 — Premium Thermally Conductive Urethane

by on March 19, 2012


Appli-thane™ 7300 has OUTSTANDING thermal conductivity, is insulative, is more flexible than epoxies allowing for greater CTE mismatch, and is easy to remove for rework or alteration if needed.


  • Exceptionally high thermal conductivity: 2.5 W/mºK
  • Electrically Insulative
  • Superior Thermal Cycling
  • Available in premixed and frozen format
  • Low modulus
  • Low glass transition temperature [Tg]: -40º C
  • Meets NASA outgassing requirements
  • Service temperature: -100ºC to 160ºC
  • Highly filled yet self leveling
  • Long work life at room temperature: 4 hours
  • Ideal for electrical potting
  • Shelf life: 6 months at -40º C

Appli-thane™ 7300 is a blue, thermally conductive polyurethane adhesive compound for advanced electronic assembly. It is a self-leveling, injectable compound suitable for electronic bonding and potting, and may also be used for bonding leaded components. It has a long potlife which maintains its dispensability for 4 hours, making it suitable for automated dispensing.

Appli-thane™ 7300 has a thermal conductivity of 2.5 W/m°K, and cures to a semi-flexible state with relatively low modulus and a very low Glass Transition Temperature (Tg). The cured material’s ability to not crack or harm bonded rigid components during thermal cycling is a major plus. Because of its high filler loading, the CTE of Appli-thane™ 7300 is much lower than conventional polyurethane elastomers.

Appli-thane™ 7300 passes NASA outgassing requirements with either room temperature cure or heat curing. Appli-thane™ 7300 provides best in class thermal conductivity for applications requiring aggressive heat dissipation of components.

This material may be heat-cured at moderate temperatures, reaching full properties in four hours at 72º C or in two hours at 96º C. It may also be cured at room temperature in cases where heat-cure is impractical, although heat-cure is recommended. Full properties, including NASA’s outgassing requirements, are achieved with either room-temperature or heat curing.

For more information, view the technical data sheet (TDS).

The CEO of Appli-Tec, Tim has over 30 years of experience in the pre-mixed and frozen (PMF) adhesives industry.

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