5308 Epoxy

1.26 W/mK

An electrically isolating material, 5308 was designed specifically for underfilling, staking and encapsulating electronics on circuit boards, as well as potting and encapsulating power supplies, transformers, and coils. Featuring a 3-hour pot life, 5308 has good flowability, making it ideal for applications requiring a self-leveling material. The material meets NASA’s outgassing requirements, is resistant to solvents and chemicals, and is considered non-hazardous per D.O.T. regulations.


Pot Life @ 25°C3 hours
Viscosity @ 25°C100,000 cPs
Shelf Life @ -40°C12 Months (Cryo-Pac®)
Shelf Life @ 25°C12 Months (Appli-Pac®)
Mix Ratio100A:2.38B Parts By Weight

Cure Options

2 hours @ 80°C 4 hours @ 60°C

Cured Properties

Based on cure of 2 hours @ 80°C

Shore D Hardness90
Glass Transition Temp (°C)100
Density (g/cc)2.46
Lap Shear 2024T3 Clad (psi)2,000
Shrinkage Linear (%)0.17

Cured Properties

Based on cure of 4 hours @ 60°C

Shrinkage Linear (%)0.04

Electrical Properties

Based on cure of 2 hours @ 80°C

Dielectric Constant5.5 @ 100 kHz
Dissipation Factor0.01 @ 100 kHz
Dielectric Strength (volts/mil)445
Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)4.0E 15 @ 500 VDC

Thermal Properties

Based on cure of 2 hours @ 80°C

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ppm/°CBelow Tg: 33; Above Tg: 103
Degradation Temp (°C)300
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)1.26

Outgassing Properties

Based on cure of 2 hours @ 80°C

TML (%)0.12
CVCM (%)0.01
WVR (%)0.04

Acoustic Properties

Velocity (m/s)3,124
Impedance (MRayles)7.69
Loss (dB/cm-MHz)-7.71
Density (g/cc)2.46

Key Features

  • D.O.T. Non-Hazardous
  • Electrically Isolating
  • High Glass Transition Temperature
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Flowable

The data contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and are believed to be reliable. APPLI-TEC does not guarantee suitability of this product for any resultant application or freedom from patent infringement. Furthermore, APPLI-TEC disclaims any liability for incidental and consequential damages of any kind including but not limited to lost profits.

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