Specialty Materials

Matching layers, acoustic absorbers, and lens materials for ultrasound applications
Layer being machined

Thermoset matching layer being precisely machined for use in ultrasound probes.

When people think of adhesives, it’s usually in the context of bonding one substrate to another. Depending on the application, the resins, hardeners, and fillers may be adjusted to change the physical properties of the adhesive in both the liquid and cured states.

For our Specialty Materials, on the other hand, we take a liquid thermoset “adhesive” and formulate it in such a way that when cured, it performs a function other than bonding. For example, we use specialty materials to create the various products found in ultrasound probes, including matching layers, acoustic absorbers, and acoustic lens materials.

We can cast thermoset materials into blocks or wafers and test acoustically for velocity, impedance, loss, and density. We then machine or grind the blocks or wafers — as seen in the photo above — to very precise dimensional tolerances (+/- 2 micron). B-stage films can be applied if needed.

Turnkey services to reduce your costs

Appli-Tec’s Specialty Materials are consistently dispersed and can be cured air-free without settling. Due to our precision process, we minimize quality issues — freeing you to focus on improving productivity rather than investigating non-conformity issues.

To help you reduce time and money on supply chain management, we provide full turnkey services that include systems assembly, potting and encapsulation, and testing. Acting as an extension of your R&D team, we can scale rapidly as demand increases.

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