Prep Room Team Member

As a member of the Prep Room team, your job entails working with time-sensitive materials critical to high-tech applications.


  • Labeling syringes
  • Assembling syringe kits
  • Working to established time standards
  • Data entry

Skills and attributes required:

  • Able and willing to perform duties in accordance with established procedures
  • Ability to meet required deadlines
  • Able to work efficiently with both hands in a fast-paced environment
  • Detail oriented and systemic
  • Willing to be cross-trained in other departments
  • Excellent relationship skills
  • Emotionally intelligent, able to resolve issues directly with others, willing to receive feedback
  • Positive contributor to overall company culture

Experience & Education:

  • Computer literate
  • Two years minimum of manufacturing experience


TBD – Depending on experience

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“I chose to work at Appli-Tec because I was impressed with the questions asked during the interview process, such as how I would solve a problem or address a concern – things I wasn’t expecting. The questions showed me the company cared and wanted their employees to have a voice. I haven’t been proven wrong – Appli-Tec genuinely cares about their employees. If you want to work for a place that respects all of their employees, has a good understanding of work-life balance, will give you all the tools & resources you need to be successful, and is also growing and expanding, then Appli-Tec is the company for you.”

— Alex Guillermo