Potting and Encapsulation Technician

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Potting and Encapsulation Team Technician with experience in mechanical and electronics assembly in certified and controlled processing of subassemblies and products.  Must be able to follow specified work procedures and work flows.  Comfortable with independent work and communicating with the work cell team.


  • Mechanical and Electrical Assembly, process kitting and prepping
  • Experience with precision assembly, follow print to meet assembly tolerance
  • Ability to meet and sustain production rates to support other areas, per production schedule
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work in Lean, cell-based manufacturing

Skills and Attributes Required:

  • Exceptional fine motor skills
  • Good organization and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the application and pot life of adhesives (desirable)
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings
  • ERP systems knowledge (desirable)
  • ESD training
  • Motivated, emotionally intelligent, able to resolve issues directly with others, willing to receive feedback
  • Positive contributor to overall company culture

Experience and Education:

  • 2+ years working with reactive adhesives and electrical assembly
  • 2+ years Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Access


TBD – based on experience

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