All Materials Tested

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Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Using our own Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), we measure heat capacity and glass transition temperature (Tg).

We test every chemical that enters the facility by FTIR and then compare previous scans to ensure the chemical is the same – every time. We run, at minimum, tests for Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), Shore Hardness and Viscosity or Application Rate.

Using our own Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), we measure heat capacity and glass transition temperature (Tg). By using liquid nitrogen, we are able to measure Tg’s as low as -120C. We can also measure Tg’s up to 275C.

We verify that each material is within your specification limits or conforms to our own rigorous internal specification limits.

  • 100% material traceability

    All materials used can be traced to their source. All documents are kept on file and available for review. We retain a sample of every adhesive we ship; samples are held throughout the shelf life of the product at the temperature documented on the certificate of compliance.

  • appli-tec-adhesive-raw-materials-storage Raw materials segregated

    To eliminate cross contamination, all raw materials are stored by type in a clean, ventilated, and temperature/humidity controlled room.

  • appli-tec-climate-controlled-adhesive-manufacturer Climate controlled process rooms

    To further ensure consistency and uniformity, we monitor temperature and humidity at each process step. Employees in our climate and humidity controlled process rooms work to cleanroom standards: employees utilize tacky mats when entering a process room, and lab jackets, gloves and hair / beard covers used to ensure product batches are never compromised.

  • appli-tec-frozen-adhesives Ultra-low storage

    After they’re flash frozen, PMF materials are stored at correct temperatures to ensure maximum shelf-life retention. Self contained DC operated controllers and liquid nitrogen protect our product and yours when power outages occur.

  • appli-tec-adhesive-safety Improved safety

    Many multicomponent adhesive systems are caustic, volatile and can irritate the skin or lungs when fumes are breathed. By purchasing PMF adhesives from Appli-Tec, your employees minimize handling these concentrated chemicals – improving worker safety and reducing your risk.

  • appli-tec-pre-mixed-adhesive-syringes Reduced time and effort

    Proper material selection, inventory control, component mixing, and then trying to get the adhesive into a syringe before it hardens takes a lot of time and effort. With PMF adhesives from Appli-Tec, you receive tested and mixed material that’s ready for use once it’s thawed.

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