What our customers have to say

Appli-Tec works with engineers in aerospace and defense organizations across the U.S. and as such, much of our work is sensitive and under NDA. If you’d like to see how we can help you improve your adhesive performance and reduce your risk, we welcome you to visit us at our facility in Salem, NH.

“We’re currently using Appli-Thane® 7300 to encapsulate our critical-use transformers. We had been using thermal epoxy adhesive from another company, but we experienced cracks in the cured material. The Appli-Thane 7300 urethane is flexible enough to allow expansion when the core is electrically energized. We’re currently in production and the urethane has withstood our high temperature requirements. We like the 7300 urethane adhesive very much.”

Principal Mechanical Engineer, Defense Industry Company

“For well over 25 years, Engineering has been supplying many of our
projects with various flight quality resins as requested. This was a rather labor intensive
activity and required a considerable amount of time and coordination if we were
asked to mix a polymeric material for the user. Once mixed, the working time available
(pot life) became a critical driver. For the majority of resins that we use, the pot life is
thirty to sixty minutes.

Therefore, our most reliable source of premixed frozen adhesives is Appli-Tec.”

Engineer, Aerospace Company

“We selected Appli-Tec as our partner because of their proven ability to manufacture adhesives to Raytheon’s stringent specifications. Over a 25 year relationship with our company, Appli-Tec has consistently met our demanding expectations and demonstrated exemplary customer service.”

Paul Stovner, Advanced Engineering Manager, Raytheon

“Appli-Tec is a terrific company. We’ve never had any problems getting the materials we need in a timely manner and any issues are taken care of immediately. I have the utmost confidence in the entire staff at Appli-tec. Their Customer Service Department has the most courteous, professional and helpful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Buyer, Aerospace Company

“Our company has been using pre-mixed, packaged, and frozen two-part epoxy adhesives and composite materials provided by Appli-Tec for at least the past 24 years. These products have consisted of simple commercially available resin/hardener mixtures, Appli-Tec’s proprietary formulations, and custom composite materials co-developed with Appli-Tec’s engineering team to specifically meet our application’s needs.

“We greatly value the quality, ease of use, and consistency of the materials the Appli-Tec team has provided us. Just thaw and use! The company’s customer service is excellent in terms of response time and flexibility.”

Dave Waller, Medical Device Engineer