Reduced Risk

Giving you significant peace of mind


Appli-Tec pre-packages PMF adhesives in handy syringes — simply thaw and go.

While it appears that mixing adhesives in-house is a cost saving, it’s actually a cost center. Dealing with material sourcing, testing, degassing, process equipment and calibration, along with safety concerns such as correctly dealing with excess material disposal (most likely hazardous) all add to the cost.

Should your application fail in the field with your in house mixed adhesive, it’s typically unknown why the failure occurred due to variables in your process and record keeping.

With precision mixed and frozen (PMF) adhesives from Appli-Tec, you eliminate many risks, save money, and gain significant peace of mind.

  • appli-tec-adhesive-safety Improved workplace safety

    Many multicomponent adhesive systems are caustic, volatile and can irritate the skin or lungs when fumes are breathed. By purchasing PMF adhesives from Appli-Tec, your employees minimize handling these concentrated chemicals – improving worker safety and reducing your risk.

  • appli-tec-tested-adheseive-materials Tested materials

    Each product we ship is accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance. Test reports are provided as requested. Test results for each batch of material are kept on file and are available for customer review.

  • Guaranteed 100% traceability

    We store samples of every batch of pre-mixed and frozen material at the recommended temperature through the shelf life of the material. With this stored material, we can provide retained sample testing should you need it.

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