Reduced Costs

Save 30% or more in costs - and reduce your risk, too
Resin + Hardener = Cryopac

We take on the sourcing, testing, mixing and packaging of your adhesive — all you do is thaw a syringe or cartridge and go.

While it appears that mixing adhesives in-house is a cost saving, it actually involves many hidden costs:

  • Purchasing / Material delays — Multiple part numbers (resins, hardeners, fillers and more) need to be ordered. Long lead times for material can delay projects.
  • Testing — Over $100,000 of equipment is needed to fully test your mix. Equipment costs include Lap Shear, FTIR, DSC, Viscometers, and Hardness Testers (not to mention having them all calibrated and maintained).
  • Processing — Expensive mixers, vacuum chambers, and ventilation need to be purchased (plus ongoing cleaning and maintenance).
  • Mix Variables — Technicians who don’t mix adhesives daily may not notice an issue with a material nor have access to an on-site chemical engineer to address problems that do come up.
  • Documents — Every process needs documentation, training, and sign-offs; these are all time consuming.
  • Disposal — Correctly disposing of excess resins and hazardous amines is a must.

By outsourcing your adhesive mixing to Appli-Tec, you save time and money while improving your productivity and significantly reducing your risk.

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