Why Work with Us?

We take the stress out of your adhesive applications

Improve workplace safety and reduce costs by having Appli-Tec mix your adhesives.

We believe a great product begins with a streamlined and well-documented process. Because we’re constantly fine-tuning in order to run more efficiently, we contain our costs – which minimizes your costs.

From engineers who understand your application challenges to our in-house processes and procedures designed to deliver the most precise formulations, Appli-Tec is your number one choice for the very best precision-mixed and frozen adhesives.

We help you sleep better at night

While it appears that mixing adhesives in-house is a cost saving, it’s actually a cost center that includes:

  • Material sourcing, testing, and degassing
  • Purchasing, calibrating, and maintaining mixing and process equipment
  • Ensuring worker safety
  • Correctly disposing of hazardous waste (leftover resins and hardeners)

And, if your application should fail in the field, you most likely won’t know if it’s the adhesive that failed or why.

With precision mixed and frozen (PMF) adhesives from Appli-Tec, you eliminate many of these risks, save money, and gain significant peace of mind.

Information at a Glance

How we’re different

From 100% material traceability to climate controlled process rooms, you’re assured of precise formulations, every single time. Learn more about how our strict quality control process benefits you.

Reduced risk

We improve workplace safety and eliminate adhesive application variables from your operation.

Global Harmonizing System

In compliance with OSHA’s updated Hazard Communication Standard, we provide GHS labeling for all products.

How to get started

Whether you need a quote or you have questions about material availability, we can help.

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