0676 Epoxy

Used in acoustic applications

0676 is an off‐white, low density, low impedance cast thermoset epoxy material used in acoustic applications. This material is UV resistant and is available as cast blocks as well as machined wafers. It features a high glass transition temperature of 130°C and a low density of 0.69 g/cc.

Cured Properties

Shore D Hardness83
Glass Transition Temp (°C)130
Density (g/cc)0.69

Thermal Properties

Glass Transition Temp (°C)130
Degradation Temp. (°C)>250

Acoustic Properties

Velocity (m/s)2,369
Impedance (MRayles)1.622
Loss (dB/cm‐MHz)‐6.0
Density (g/cc)0.69

Key Features

  • High Glass Transition Temperature
  • Low Density
  • Low Impedance
  • UV Resistant

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