Introducing: Janelle Wilkins and Edric Perkins – Artists

by on August 30, 2022

I came to Appli-Tec last year from a software company. Selling a hard good like adhesives was quite a change from software!

One thing that attracted me to Appli-Tec is its culture – which was clearly evident on the website and throughout the interview process. Everyone here is open to new ideas. Each person also takes his or her job seriously – no matter the position or job task, each one is important to ensuring our “Defect-Free, Every Time” mission.

While we’re very serious about our work, we also love to have fun. When the pandemic hit, CEO Tim Walsh and others on the management team made the decision to keep us all motivated and build rapport by increasing company-wide events (since we couldn’t go anywhere anyway).

In addition to the catered lunches to celebrate people’s birthdays and Christmas in July, we now have Hawaiian Shirt Day, an annual 4th of July BBQ party, and a huge pot-luck Christmas party.


©Janelle Wilkins – Self-portrait

Last year, the party committee (yes, we have one!) added a holiday door decorating contest. It was here we discovered Janelle Wilkins, from Prep & Shoot, had a hidden talent: Drawing caricatures.

As part of Prep’s door decoration, Janelle drew caricatures of her fellow team members, with the wording, “Which Elf is Watching You?” The caricatures were so close to what each person looked like, it was a little spooky. She definitely had a talent none of us knew about! Her team’s door won hands down.


© Edric Perkins – self-portrait

It was around this time she and teammate Edric Perkins, also an artist, bonded and began collaborating. Janelle is self-taught while Edric was trained at the Art Institute for Media Arts and Animation – but both find inspiration from each other and in the world around them.

Janelle’s caricatures of team members now grace the walls of Appli-Tec. While we take our mission of “defect-free – every time” seriously, we also have a very human side. Seeing a whimsical caricature of a team member peeking out from behind a sign adds a bit of cheer and whimsy to the day.

I’m very happy to introduce Janelle and Edric to you! In the weeks and months ahead, you’ll be seeing more of their art illustrating stories about Appli-Tec here on the website and on LinkedIn. Be sure to give us a follow.

Steve Pelletier is the Technical Sales Lead and Lead Partnerships Manager and Strategist for Appli-Tec.

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